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AVS as a Sandbox

Since Global Variables allows to load and save data from files (that is, memory space), and, for example, that data can be like this:

gmegabuf(0) - -1.0 (beginning of file)
gmegabuf(1) - N (length of file)
gmegabuf(2) - number (data type)
gmegabuf(N) - beginning of next file,

why wouldn't it be possible to use AVS for actually computing? Some Superscopes for UI, some Effect lists with Superscopes that, when enabled, do specific tasks (like rearrange data arrays), and a possible Superscope that parses a data array as a program, using its local Megabuf as a sandbox memory? Then, a .gvm file could be like a small disk for storing, for example, small bitmaps, and numeric scripts...
In other words: is AVS supposed to be a platform for tools and work, or not? Are GVM arrays meant for using flexible formats within them?
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it was meant to produce pretty images while listening to your favorite music.

But a computer can do everything you tell it to do. After all, every file is nothing but a string of ones and zeros

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