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Update Banner with progress/text

I've search around but can't find a solutions, so here goes.

I want to be able to use Banner::Show (or similar) in the -Post of my installer to wait for the Exec of the app to load, here's what I have so far, thanks. (I added InitPluginsDir & ReserveFile based on similar forum postings).

I just basically want ".", then "..", the "..." to fill the Banner text area while it waits for FindWindow, etc.


StrCpy $statusThrobber "."


ReserveFile "${NSISDIR}\Plugins\Banner.dll"


Banner::show /NOUNLOAD /set 76 "Launching..." ""

Banner::getWindow /NOUNLOAD
Pop $1

GetDlgItem $2 $1 1030

SendMessage $2 ${WM_SETTEXT} 0 "STR:$statusThrobber"

StrCpy $statusThrobber "$statusThrobber."

FindWindow $0 "MozillaUIWindowClass" "${PRODUCT_NAME}"

IntCmp $0 0 done
Sleep 500
Goto loop

# I don't think FindWindow waits for window to be draw
# just for window to be available so I added this padding
# of 5 seconds.
Sleep 5000


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