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How can 'the government' crack Winamp to add a recurring clanging and...

...boinging (like a kettledrum) sound during my listening enjoyment?

Don't be afraid of me, but I have been under intense state observation for about 10 years. Where? No, not in Russia etc - in 'Heidiland' Switzerland - apparently more of a *Stasiland*. It doesn't take a lot these days (next to their ever-stronger currency another reason to avoid this country which is more like Germany than they like to believe)...

I'm talking about the car-borne computing situation. I have my XP Pro netbook connected to, among other things, my car stereo. It is protected (?) by an up-to-date anti-virus and a ditto anti-spyware system of well-known brands. Still they have managed to somehow add the effect mentioned above to either Winamp, my music folder or something else. I was able to isolate it by suddenly stopping my music - these 2 sounds continued for some time without the music, so could be heard clearly: similar to a breaking window and someone hitting a kettledrum - both soundbits possibly taken from a slapstick movie, because the 'funny element' can be clearly heard. Still when I see a slapstick movie I don't want to be treated by someone to my music - and vice versa.

I have already re-installed Winamp, refreshed my folder from a safe (?) source, disconnected my cellphone and fully (as far as I can see) disabled its bluetooth connection to the netbook, in order to hopefully remove the causes and prevent a potential 'remote control'. Still the effect continues. A total scan has yielded nothing.

How do I get rid of it, prevent it from re-installing? .) (No, not a joke, dead-serious)

PS update: WMP is affected, too.
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