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Nice windowshade toy

Ok, this is a pretty minor tip - but I thought it was neat for windowshade modes.

I've been wanting the songtitle info on my windowshade mode for a while, but I hated to make my WS mode bigger in order to add the display. Now I can have it as the tooltip for the seeker.

I put a standard, but invisible, songticker on my windowshade layout, along with a seeker bar and slider. Then, I added this to my windowshade code:

Global Slider SeekerGhost;
Global Text Songticker;

System.onScriptLoaded() {
Group ButtonsGrp = getScriptGroup();
SeekerGhost = ButtonsGrp.GetObject("seekerghost");
Songticker = ButtonsGrp.getObject("songticker");

Songticker.onTextChanged(String stext) {
SeekerGhost.setXmlParam("tooltip", stext);

Hover your mouse over the seek bar, and the songtitle pops up as a tooltip.
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That's pretty cool if you ask me. Bonus points for creativity on this one!
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