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How to buffer entire WMA files?

Does anyone know how to buffer entire WMA files while playing them with WinAmp?
I have an early Barracuda HDD that cannot be called a silent disk because it's louder than the fans inside my comp. If I play MP3's without buffering the disk wheezing noise is sometimes quite disturbing. There is, however, a useful option in the "Nullsoft MPEG" plug-in called "Full file buffering". If you set it to let's say 20,000 kb you never see the HDD LED blinking during MP3 playback. Yet, I've got lots of WMA files from my friend recently. I tried to convert them to MP3 format but it takes hours to do this. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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You'll lose quality if you convert them to mp3 too.

You could create a ramdisk, and store a few files at a time there, but it's far from an ideal situation (especially if you dont have a lot of ram). http://www.cenatek.com/product_ramdisk.cfm if you want to try it.

I'd grab a new ide drive though, especially since your current drive is pretty old. A 40gb baracuda IV would cost around US$60. I've got 3 (2x20's and one 60) in my current pc and they're are the quietest 7200rpm drives i've ever used.
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And no, there appears to be no way to buffer entire WMA files. There's no normal configuration for the plug-in, no secret settings in the INI files, nor any settings in the registry to change that. Can't do it with Windows Media Player, either (at least not with version 7). Yet another reason not to use the format. Assuming he's the one who encoded them, you should get your friend to switch formats.
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As far as I can see the situation is hopeless. I must say the more I use the WMA format the less I like it.
Anyway, thanks for your replies.
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