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shoutcast monetization

I just started with the Shoutcast Monetization and was looking for some technical details on how the ads are actually being sent to the listener.

I added the 2 minute audio file with the "Advert: - Advert:" and when the file is played the shoutcast server web indicates "Advert Trigger: - Advert:", so I assume I did this properly.

I listened to my show using the following link:
but it sends me to my server at
and when I listen during the Advert spot I do not hear any commercials.

My question is if all listeners are being redirected to my server how are the ads being played and heard?

I also checked the shoutcast logs and there are no errors around the Advert lines so I assume that all is good.

Also with this when I check the RMO site for my stream there is no Impressions logged.

Do I need to do something extra to get the commercials heard?

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