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Simple Guidelines For Peaceful Posting In The Bitchlist

1. All Winamp 3 complaints should be posted here and here ONLY. If you post a topic that is remotely concerned with WA 3 in this forum, don’t be surprised or pissed when it’s locked.

2. This is NOT a tech support forum. Don’t expect to find any help or answers to your tech questions here. Most likely, your post will be moved/locked or you'll be bitched at and ridiculed for posting in the wrong forum. To save face, time and pointless flaming, try the following:
How To Find The Answers
Tech Support Greatest Hits
Search The Forums
If you still can’t find the help you need, post your topic in its ONE respective forum. As stated in the rules, it’s unnecessary to crosspost in every forum.

3. If this is your first bitch here, and it isn’t a tech problem, sometimes there are threads started that you can already post in, especially if you have a common or fleeting bitch. Try posting here:
What Do You Hate Most Right Now...?
The 'Fuck You' Thread

4. Be prepared to be insulted with some comments and rants here. This is a place for people to express themselves and their opinions and to just vent in general. If you disagree with something, don’t just flame blindly like a 3rd grader. When challenging someone, ‘tis always best to be prepared, so at least provide a thoughtful statement when opposing someone. We always welcome civil, mature discussions, but not flame wars. Any threads that disintegrate into one will be locked and/or moved to the evidence locker. If necessary, further action will be taken.

5. In light of #4, please refrain yourself from using racial/religious slurs in your posts. It's understandable if you hate a certain group of people, as everyone hates something, but at the very least, word it in a tactful manner. Make note: Any posts with degrading racial/religious slurs (and you know what I mean, fools) will be edited. This isn’t a matter of censorship, it’s a matter of common sense and common decency.

6. This is NOT a post pumping forum. Don’t treat it as such. There’s enough senseless dribble spread through here as it is, the forum doesn’t need anymore.

7. If you have a problem with #*******, or any of the users there, please don’t drag that nuisance to the forums. It usually only results in senseless flame wars and grudges. Straighten it out on IRC or through messaging. (For info on #*******, please Search The Forums as I’m too lazy right now to find a link =P)

In short, this forums is for fluff, giggles and good old bitchin’, so don’t take everything too personal or serious. Immaturity is always great cause we know it sucks getting old, but just remember there are certain times when a little maturity and restraint is called for. Love the forums and they will love you back, and they will probably give you more than that ratty blow up doll you have shoved under your bed

Happy Bitching! =)
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Re: Simple Guidelines For Peaceful Posting In The Bitchlist

Originally posted by SexyLoserKitten
Love the forums and they will love you back, and they will probably give you more than that ratty blow up doll you have shoved under your bed
But Inflatable Olga loves me too......

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