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Allowing custom Winamp file type icons

In my music folders are not just all my MP3s, but cue files and tracklists for all my livesets. MP3 file icons default to white, as do Notepad files, and as such, it becomes hard to tell the difference between an MP3, CUE and tracklist.

I'd like to keep the standard icon for text files and pick a new icon for my Winamp files. Alas, I am not satisified with the selection Nullsoft offer.

I am free to ask Explorer to put any icon of my choice on Winamp files, but the mere act of going into Winamp's File Types prefs pane and clicking Close makes Winamp revert to the icon chosen in the preferences. On the Macintosh, I'd be tempted to simply patch the program file to contain the icon I desire (!) but I can't find a good Windows application to hack up exes to contain new icons.

It would be cool if Winamp simply checked, on clicking Close, if I have changed the choice of icons for music files and playlists, and only update the Registry if and only if I've changed the icon within Winamp. This would take two variables and a couple of simple conditional branches (if (new_icon[0] != old_icon[0]) ...) and would allow me to change the icon in Explorer and have Winamp make no changes to it from then on. Sound reasonable?
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