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I know this topic has been brought up before however, coming from a newbie's perspective I still don't understand how to protect running a shoutcast server from hackers! Are there any appz I can use to prevent hackers while streaming? My understanding is that you can use a firewall but is there another simpler method?

Last time I ran a shoutcast server, it caused an internal stack error, resulting in bad clusters on my hard drive but then I dont know whether if it was a bad hard drive it or if I had been hacked.

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Relax. The only thing a hacker can do to your Shoutcast server (assuming you don't run any other network service off the same server) is broadcast X-rated audio and advertise porn to the Shoutcast directory.

But if you're serious about configuring your Shoutcast server right...

Go get the latest version. Open up a text editor to edit sc_serv.conf. Read the comments in sc_serv.conf and pay attention to setting the following to a good value:
  • PortBase
  • Password
  • SrcIP
  • DestIP
  • AdminPassword
  • AllowRelay
With these value carefully chosen, I don't think you'll need a firewall.

Of course, if you have other network services on the same server, you'll need to protect those as well. That's when a firewall may become necessary.

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