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Problem with wireless synchronisation

Good afternoon, colleagues.
I'm still using Winamp 5.666 with a hope that it will rise from the ashes again...

I have a problem with wireless synchronization of files and playlists between Winamp on my PC and Sony Xperia XA mobile phone.
I have a 128Gb MicroSD memory card in the phone and in the past I used to take it off the phone, put it into the card reader, then it was identified by PC as a memory card (separate drive) and then Winamp made a synchronization where there was an option to set up the desired directory and names for the folders and new files. There are both MP3 and FLAC music files on my PC in Winamp library.
Everything worked perfectly until the moment when the internal memory in the phone became insufficient and I managed to “convert” external SD card to internal memory.
Now it comes out that my mobile only have internal memory and when I connect it to PC, it is identified as a Sony mobile telephone (not as a separate drive) with all subsequent consequences – now there is no option in Winamp to set up save path during synchronization in Preferences for Portables and synchronized files are saved in a slightly different format – for example, there is no Year in the name of the folder so they could be sorted alphabetically (OK, I can live with it as long as musical player on my mobile can sort songs according to Year/Album etc.), there are also some other small inconveniences.
The biggest problem is that now when I use wireless synchronization, some files are still considered as absent on my mobile, while they are there! I.e. – during previous synchronization, some files were transferred to my mobile and they are indeed there, but during next synchronization Winamp says that they are new (unless those files were never changed on PC!) and they need to be transferred to my mobile. The transfer for these files fails (Status – Failed), and I could live with this, but the problem is that it takes time while Winamp tries to synchronize them.
I have about 2,800 files in playlists to be synchronized with mobile, after synchronization is completed next time I connect phone to Winamp, it says that there are about 220 files to be transferred to device, this transfer fails and it works the same every time. The files are already on my mobile, but Winamp considers that they are not there and tries to transfer them from PC to mobile again and again during next synchronization…
I checked those files, all tags are there, please believe me, I’m quite careful with my music collection and I have all files with tags completed. In the past I never had this issue.
It’s quite interesting, that these are not random files, there are 3-4 artists with names containing usual letters (for example, all Accept albums, some Depeche Mode albums) which fails during synchronization. I can’t see any clear dependence…
There is similar problem (and even worse, do not want to raise this problem now) with wired synchronization so using this way instead of wireless synchronization is not an option
I will be most grateful if somebody could give me a hint where and what I should check to cope with this problem.
Thank you in advance.
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