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Problem: titles not being seen in SHOUTcast source plugin, hence not being sent to repeater-server, hence no titles for listener.

Specifics: titles were working fine when I set things up from win98se; I'm using SqrSoft crossfader, using its DSP to run DSP Stacker which in turn runs DFX & 2 SHOUTcast source plugs, one 128k & one 24k.

(it's true that we added the DFX plug to the stack when we moved it to win2k, but we've run tests without the DFX plug and still the same prob.)

My partner bought a groovy new win2k server (800mhz p3 rackmount) so we could get the source off of my personal box; two problems emerged - no remote access (I'll ask for help on that one in another post!) and no titles now that we're using win2k - We can use the title-override feature in the SCsource plug, sending out whatever we type, but when we set it back to "auto", no titles, except the last one we entered manually.

And it was working so well under win98! (PLEASE don't tell me that the answer is tossing our paid-for ($400) version of win2k server edition and going back to win98se - I'd love to, but my partner would rather stick needles in his eyes!)

So, who's sourcing from a win2k box and actually seeing tune titles? Anyone? How?
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