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To hell with you, community

Yesterday I posted a question here

Over fifty people have read the thread, not a single response. Now you're either totally incompetent in which case even coming here was a waste of time, or your just don't give a crap. Either way, what's the point of this forum then?

I've looked up the issue I'm having on other third party discussion boards, seems like it's not me, apparently it's the moron developer who must be from another planet who's telling me that i should completely ignore the structure of my folders I've spent years organizing, and just go with a megalist based on ID3 tags, even though the majority music files either dont have one or the tag they have is screwed up. Who the hell did they make this crapporama music player for??? And even worse so, what the hell is a music player developed by Time Warner doing on my computer?? I mean Time Warner?? WTF??

And what's with all this iTunes and iPod comparisons and issues. Arent Apples issues and discussions the sole domain of Emo cults and mental hospitals? Or is it just because I'm in Europe that I think that any grown up, self-respecting, freely thinking individual wouldn't be caught dead with anything Apple? What the hell does Apple have to do with Winamp, that every second thread subject line has either iPod or iTunes in it? What site am I on anyway?!? Are there even any people out there who don't like to pollute their computer with bloated memory sucking malware and spyware whose only benefit is that it makes its inferiority complex suffering owner feel special and unique? God, where am I?
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Well ID3 tags are more flexible than just names. You surely find a program that will write tags based on filename/path.
mp3tagtools might help you.

If you don't like Winamp, why don't you just stop using it instead of making a big rant?
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in the library, select all and right click on them and choose "send to -> autotag"

and stop moaning.

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Troll - ignore.

This is clearly a troll. Ignore it.
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I don't understand people who make accounts on forum just to try to annoy people. Get a life.
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