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"Last Played" widget for SHOUTcast stream possible (beyond 10 most recent tracks)?

Hi everybody, I've just started an internet radio station and this is my first post in the forum.

I was wondering whether it's possible to create a Last Played/Recently Played widget that keeps an ongoing, realtime record of songs played in the SHOUTcast stream and can be embedded on a webpage.

Ideally the widget would include song title, artist, album, album art, link to buy the album, and time played.

The attached screenshot shows an example from a local FM radio station's website. When you click "MORE" at the bottom it displays all played tracks going back an unlimited amount of time.

About my SHOUTcast admin access: I'm using a broadcasting service that automates most aspects of my station, while I'm just beginning to learn the basics of SHOUTcast's features. That means I might not have direct access to all of the components of the SHOUTcast stream that administrators would, so I might need to use a public method of accessing the stream details and meta-data.

My understanding of code is very basic (simple html), but I could hire a programmer if coding needs to be created for this.

Since I haven’t been able to find any info about this after searching online, I don’t know if code for a widget like this exists already or if it can even be done.

If it can be done, I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction or offer some advice for the first steps.

Really appreciate your time, thanks
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An SHOUTcast server (DNAS) can only provide a string of the id3-tags for artist and title. With a DNAS v2.x server and a v2.x-protocol-client you can also provide the album-tag. But 99,9% of all streaming-clients are supporting only the the legacy v1-protocol and if you would use one of the rare clients, then your client should be able to handle id3-tags and your files should tagged with the correct id3-tags. All other specs are custom-coded, I guess with the usage of an external API.

In short there is nothing, which you can grab with basic HTML. Widgets like that you posted are custom-coded. Its a question about the used client- and server-software and their response-possibilities.
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Old 20th September 2017, 08:05   #3
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The Last Played Song Widget you're ready to effortlessly produce code utilizing any shading blend you like! Change the melody title shading, background, and area color, change styles, restrain the measure of the tune recorded and substantially more coursework help! consequently in******tes when another tune plays, make various gadgets to go on various locales and pages with various colors styles for each!
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if you are using v2 dnas you can set the songhistory= or streamsonghistory= to a numeric value and the DNAS will display that number of recently played songs at http://radio.comort/played
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I was wondering whether it's feasible to create a remaining performed/these days performed widget that keeps an ongoing, real-time document of songs played inside the SHOUTcast circulation and can be embedded on a website coursework writing services. ideally, the widget might encompass track name, artist, album, album artwork, link to buy the album, and time played. The attached screenshot indicates an instance from a neighborhood FM radio station's internet site. whilst you click "extra" at the lowest it displays all played tracks going again an infinite amount of time.
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