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Avs Nsis

In these days we will get the third revolution in WINAMP with new WINAMP5. Even if this is more or less an update to WINAMP2 I decided to do a new NSIS-Skript for AVS. MADE WITH NEW NSIS2.0

- It checks for the regkeys of WINAMP2 and WINAMP3
- If WINAMP2 is found it checks if this a new WINAMP5
- Then the latests version found is preselected for install
- If no WINAMP is autodetected there's a warning
- Later in the install options screen one can choose between the autodetected winamp versions
- Inside the skript one can specify the AVS-vesion needed and in the install options screen there is a warning if the actually selected WINAMP-version does not contain an AVS sufficient. WINAMP3 is set to AVS2.5.1 by default since there is no VIS_AVS.dll to examine.

The install options screen is set up like this:

- Presets and Media
- APEs
- Read me
- Link to uninstaller

Feel free to use this skript or portions of it.

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But why would you need a separate installation for wa2 & wa5? They both use the same folder for plugins & avs. Why should it bother check if it is indeed wa2 or wa5? It could just be made as a "Install to wa2/wa5" selection all together /me thinks.

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It is not a real separate Installation but more an option for things to come. If you look inside the skript there is only one installation with different paths/vars for WINAMP2/5 and WINAMP3. The subsections of "CHOOSE WINAMP VERSION" are empty and only used for setting Variables. If a WINAMP version is not found the section is dissabled, i.e. if WINAMP5 is detected the option WINAMP2 is dissabled. The only sections with "real" content are the subsections of "MYPACK". I just wanted to do a basic-skript covering all possibilities and giving room for additional stuff...
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