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Wacom tablet problems

I have been having a few problems with my wacom tablet. Its an intuos2 9x12.

One of the problems is that when I move the cursor around my screen from time to time it "sticks" and becomes jittery then after a second the jitteriness goes away. Another problem that I'm having with my tablet is that sometimes when I draw a straight line it comes out very wavy, it goes away after I make a few more lines, but it always comes back after 45 seconds. Also once in a while my tablet will disconnect its self and I have to manually disconnect reinsert the USB cord. Also if I switch to mouse mode it causes the tablet to disconnect its self. Another problem I have is that the double click button won't work anymore. If I press it, it doesn't do anything.

I don't know whats causing all the problems. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers for my tablet, but the problems still persist.

I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose the problems because wacom tablets of this size are very expensive $$$.
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go to your dealer and say it doesn't work and you either want your money back or a new one
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What program are you using it in? This seems typical of Photoshop. Try Coral Painter. You'll get smoother line art as well.
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