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Why has nullsoft forsaken me!?!?

!!Warning Explicit language below!!

Why do you continue to make pure shit? Winamp 3 and that damnable 5 are nothing BUT shit. Absolute crap. Winamp 2.91 continues to be the best out there. When 3 came out I rushed to download and try it but I was almost in shock when I saw how utterly lame it was. So needless to say I went back to 2 and said "good riddance" to that idiotic upstart. The only reason you still had popularity is because you still developed 2. Nigh everybody hated -or loathed entirely- 3, yet it remained. Almost everybody I talked to said the same thing "Its bloated and useless!"

But the thing that kept most of us around is the fact you still actively developed 2. But then lo and behold a few months later you STOPPED making 2 and did that lame 'merger' shit with 2 and 3 thus becoming 5 and you stopped providing links to YOUR MOST ACTIVELY DOWNLOADED APPLICATION. I refuse to believe that 3 was downloaded more then 2 If it WAS then you would have scrapped 2 and kept 3 in production.

I was LOATH to actually try 5 but instead searched the web for a good old 2.91 and I have continued happily without so much as a backward glance until recently. Somebody brought up the topic of winamp. To which I promptly replied "It sucks complete ass now and has since the release of 5" to which I was asked "Well have you tried it?"
"I refuse to corrupt my system with anything that is not 2"
"um dude its better then 3, yeah i agree 3 sucked but 5 is actually pretty good."
"oh?" I tentatively replied
"yeah they took out all that useless shit that was in 3"
"really? perhaps I ought to give it a try and stop with the bitching."
"Yeah dude it rocks!" He assured me.
So I decided to at long last give it a decent run. I downloaded the "Free version" (Which again... shouldnt be. I remember you had a run-in with that Free Version/Pro Version shit a few years ago.. did you not learn your lesson then?) So I downloaded it and ran it on an old box I keep around for DOS games (p233) and decided to test it. Now I realize the mental aspect of it and I strived to be as unbiased as possible so as to form an accurate opinion of it. I started it up and played with the options a little bit and gave it a decent workout with some of my mp3s. I admit that I may have been slightly influenced by love of 2. But 5 is: Nothing but a useless piece of whore-humping, mouse-cock eating, bloated beyond belief, with uselessness displayed all over it, FUCKING MONKEY BALLS FUCK FUCKITY FUCK!

Now that may not seem like a decent rant but I assure you, It is for me. Nullsoft was NAMED Nullsoft as a humouristic name for "Microsoft" and with this PROPRIETARY software upgrade That meaning has more in common with the Micro$oft -that we all know and loath- then you would lead us to believe.

Now you COULD of provided Winamp 2.91 as your "free" version and your damnable 5 as the "pro" version. You could have also renamed it to get a new version numbering scheme (i.e. Winamp Classic 2.1.0) that would have kept the 2 fans happy AND your fucking 5 fans happy. But nooooooooooooooooo you tried to FORCE 5 down our throats.

With this move you have become what you so scorned. Winamp 2.91 has no rivals it is the perfect application. Musicmatch is bloated as hell, jetaudio is fucked up, foobar is just plain wierd and I think we can all agree Realplayer is just stupid. Nullsoft with Justin gone you preformed the ultimate sin.

Nothing will replace Winamp 2.91 on my system. EVER. not the affore-mentioned ones and CERTAINLY not your damnable 5 you can take 5 and shove it up your ass for I fucking care

Congratulations Nullsoft you have BECOME Microsoft. And have lost another loyal fan of 2... forever.

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