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Pictures of the day [January 11]

Hey everybody,

Surfers gather at Sydney's Manly Beach to check on surf conditions, during a colourful sunrise, January 10, 2004. The very red sunrise is due in part to smoke from a number of bushfires burning close to Sydney overnight, the containment of which has required hundreds of firefighters.

Fireworks light the sky as Mount Wakakusayama is burned behind the Kofukuji temple pagoda in the ancient Japanese capital of Nara, western Japan in this multiple exposure photograph, January 11, 2004. The burning of Wakakusayama is held in January to burn dead grass in preparation for the spring season.

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wicked pics Mia
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The best is the second one it rules, good pics Mia

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The second pic is veeeerrrryyy cool!
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I've always been fond of skyway scenery with alternating colors like in the surfer picture...Really beautiful and calming...

And and I also love fireworks and fire, so the second picture really ignites the pyro in me (No pun indended)...

Very nice job!

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I like the first one better. Of course, I love the ocean, and surfing is a great time.

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Ohhh I love the first picture (I like sunsets )

Wish I was there right now....

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