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Winamp NSIS installer

Hi folks,

Do we have a NSIS script of the latest Winamp?

I cannot find one anywhere.

I know we never used to have one (I asked about 3 yeras ago ) but do we have one now?

The reason being is that I suspect they aren't using the most efficent compression for it. There are a lot of small text files added in recent versions (Milkdrop, AVS presets) and they can really benefit from the correct compression.

My basic test (NSISing up a freshly installed "Program Files/winamp") resulted in a reducion in size of the currently installer 5.93 MB to 4.93 MB with lzma /solid. Not bad nearly 20% / 1 MB.

Anyway I know nothing compared to some here. There are probably know a lot more than humble me.

So do we have access to the script and what is the smallest size we can make Winamp.

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it's already using lzma as the compression type and there's other aspects involved in the full installer like the wma redist package and the sonic psdk which would account for the size difference. and i bet there's other things in there as well so i don't think there's really the opportunity to get much more off the installer (other than drop all of the large bulk parts ) and for the initial question it's all internally kept

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I've let them know about the new /SOLID switch, just in case they missed it. I have no idea what they'd do with it or what was already in the script.

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