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<colorthemes:list/> and <objdirview/>

I'm trying to find a way to recognize <colorthemes:list/> and <objdirview/> without knowing their id's.
The usual way would be getscriptgroup().findObject("colorthemeslist"); for example, but I need to be able to find it without knowing it's id.
Trying to use getClassName() on these doesn't help much, since they both return "GuiObject" as classname, so I would have no way to separate them from all the other GuiObjects.
The thing is, both these contain objects that are always on top, so nothing can cover them. They are essentially "components" (from the old Winamp3 days.. ).
This is why I need to be able to separate them from the rest of the GuiObjects.
<colorthemes:list/> contains a regular list inside, but it isn't recognized as a GuiList.
I think <objdirview/> contains a regular tree inside, but it isn't recognized as a GuiTree either.

Is there a way to recognize them, separate them from the other GuiObjects?
Do they have GUIDs I could look for or something?
Is it possible to search deeper inside them for the GuiList/GuiTree classnames?
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