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Newbie thrown in headfirst - need direction help!

Hello from Romania.

Being a little more "technical" and more familiar with PC's (all is self taught, so...) I was asked to help with upgrading and maintaining our FM radio station, but no one here knows how they are streaming online, just showed me a PC that they were told to run the programs needed many years ago, and the person that configured it all, doesn't live in the country anymore.

Here's what I found setup:
- FM radio station mixer signal out to antenna and Windows XP PC
- Windows XP PC running Edcast standalone (capturing line-in from mixer) and SHOUTcast DNAS (v1 - but have no clue what version)
- Fixed LAN IP and open port 8000
- D-Link gigabit router with port forwarding to this IP on port 8000
- local linux HP server hosting our church's site which includes a player that plays the FM radio station online (
- Optical fiber Internet

Currently the server connects directly to the internet, the D-Link router to the server, and then a few gigabit switches to the router for all the PC's on LAN

The linux server's is dying and it will be replaced in a few days, and the SHOUTcast PC will be replaced soon as well.
I beileve we will have the router (or a better one) connected to the internet, and the server behind it on LAN with the other PC's

Preparing for those changes I'm trying to learn how to configure and maybe upgrade to the newer version of SHOUTcast. So I have a few question to know where to look for since the wiki pages and links here are a little overwhelming at first.

1. Should the SHOUTcast DNAS be put on the linux server, or it can run on a dedicated PC just as well having the same Internet connection in the end. (just like now, the site will be on the server and include a player for the station)
- I am unfamiliar with linux, so I would need the person managing the server to help with setting up SHOUTcast

2. Edcast seems out of commission, what suggestions you have for compatible software to capture and encode the signal and send it to SHOUTcast, using metadata file from Jazler.

3. How I can find the station settings/configuration in the current SHOUTcast version and basically make an upgrade remaining on the same configuration?
- playing with teh latest version asks for station Authhash, and some password

4. Anything at this moment I didn't know to ask for? - Please give suggestions !

I know how hard is to have to restate the basics over and over again for newbies, so I am grateful for the help. Had this been a new station and had the time I would have had more tried to learn everything from the documentation, but I was thrown right in the deep and am a little overwhelmed.
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