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for wishlist purposes only..

what colormap really needs is a better color-editing method. i'd even embrace an external colormap editor that supports hexcode and input fields for all 256 steps. would do it myself, but the colormap format itself appears to be cryptic. also nice would be transitions between multiple maps with the option to set a transition blending-mode. to avoid additional custom bpm effects, a setting for to adjust mapchange-per-beat and the option for changes on time events..

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well the last thing is - at a cost - possible.
i recently discovered, that you can actually *set* the beat value in effect lists. this value [which can be anything] is valid as the beat value for all effects inside that effect list.
thus you can have your 'beat' change on things like song begin or every half second or every tenth and whatnot...

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that'd be great indeed.

>> GC: whoa that surprises me, but it's a great addition for effects that can't read regvars

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