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AVS improvements.

I would like to see a screen box that is a x,y fader. That is, a kind of virtual joystick that you can operate with the mouse. (Later on you could code for a real joystick or MIDI or somesuch).

It would pump out variables that could be plugged into your script. e.g. you could position a transform at the x,y provided by the joystick.

Why? So you can play the transform live.

Another hope, an AVI player that can be 'bowed', that is played backwards or forwards according to a controller (even the joystick box?)

I would like to see Flash support (maybe as part of Quicktime support, you could use the QT libraries then to save effort).

I'd like Low Frequency Oscillators. They are sines, squares etc. that can be set at given Hz to stir up BPM based effects. Two or three of them can cross modulate.

That implies a cross modulator! It sums Hz to create complex waveforms.

I'd like an effect that divides the luma up into bands that can each be assigned a colour tint. Like multiple colour replace.

If you'd like to see some other ideas check out some of the VJ software at www.audiovisualizers.com which makes AVS look, well, stunted!
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