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Why does Official Flac plugin 24bit output doesn't work?

i know some of you can say it's a "third part problem", but using the same plugin and setting it on "Enable Replay Gain" and "24 bit output" on Foobar it does work, so i could say it's some issue regarding the comunication between the plugin and winamp.
Now i don't pretend nothing because you can say "hey there is the nullsoft plugin that works just fine", and indeed it works, but can you at least investigate a bit?
It can be that is a simple problem that can be easily fixed, so i could be an even happier winamp user
Thank you

EDIT: Using Winamp 5.35 May14 and last official flac plugin.
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The Nullsoft FLAC Decoder v2.02 is the official FLAC plugin.

There is no need/reason whatsoever to ever use the 3rd-party flac plugin.
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I think he meant to say that the official FLAC plugin isn't compatible with 24-bit. Is it?
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Why have you resurrected this thread? The Nullsoft FLAC Decoder is the only one you should use because it is fully featured and the only one that is supported here.

The one in the FLAC bundle was missing Media Library support last time I used it and that was before Winamp supported 24 bit playback. If you want to see if has been updated, read the flac changelog or better yet check changes made to the src/plugin_winamp2 directory and contained files in the repository.

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