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WINAMP popularity boost - Suggestions Thread

Like many, many others here in this community, I'm a Huge WINAMP fan.
Strictly speaking, I literally can't integrate to other Media players, somehow, without the shred of any exceptions, I always end right back on WINAMP!
That's just how much an affect WINAMP has on me, I can't settle with iTunes either, nor is the new Google Music that is only available in the U.S.A at the moment appeal me very much.
However even if WINAMP always drag me back, as if a lover I can't give up cause I keep hoping she'll learn and improve, giving her a chance cause, well, I love her!
Essentially that's how, and I'm sure many others, feel about WINAMP.
It's an absolute amazing piece of work, but it's somehow falling behind the ever changing world, and its popularity is dropping over the years, which I'm sure, is because it's lacking a few key Innovations, which also give the feeling that WINAMP is dead, or more accurately put, a giant sinking ship just waiting to drop below the surface.

Of course I realize this is all my opinions, and that you may not share any or all of these, however that's fine with me, it's a free world, and it's totally fine to disagree.
However I want to stress that I'm not doing this for my self, other, than I wish to see WINAMP out of the cold and back in the warm household of your typical computer user, because WINAMP has given me a lot over the years, and I'd like to give back to WINAMP in the form of support and suggestions, even Donations if WINAMP became serious about Innovation.

As it was easy to see huge potential in Skype many years ago (to name an easy example), which now might just be the choice of the future communication. I see WINAMP as a Media player that had same potential, but never managed to reach that point of no return.
However the WINAMP-Ship hasn't hit that all destroying ice beg, just yet!

The Good
  • It's clean & very easy to use.
  • It has a Community, (albeit small these days), who care a lot about WINAMP!
  • WINAMP has a lot of History for a piece of software and has been known by almost any computer user with self-respect around the world.
  • It has Spirit of being loved; It doesn't feel like your typically dumped software on the net that you'll forget all about the next week if you delete it.
  • It's a very solid media player that just works when it comes to the most important stuff!
  • It's great that you fixed the quick first time startup load of WINAMP!
  • Playlists are really easy compared to many other media players!
  • Strong Brand potential! At least the typical computer user have heard about you.

These below are pure suggestions, it may sound rude for some people, but this is my way of putting suggestions forward, keep in mind that I highly respect you, WINAMP.

The Bad - Missing elements (Falling behind the Innovative world)
  • Build-in support to popular services such Netflix and other popular services & markets (Not too many in the main menu for the easy overview's sake, perhaps organize the left media panel in the primary modern skin following with the WINAMP install, so it's easier for the eye to spot the important ones and giving a good overview. This one is really important, cause not only does it add value to WINAMP, it also makes people use WINAMP whenever they want to stream movies legally on the internet! I'm sure you can imagine the potential here, also it should be at best be services that people are familiar with, eye candy that attracts people's attention right away, such as Netflix and similar if legally possible to arrange.
    You don't need to directly profit on services such as Netflix, however it'll profit you indirectly by the increased popularity of WINAMP!
  • The Website could need a more appealing first impression for any new potential WINAMP users visiting it or old ones returning to see if WINAMP is still kicking butts! It feels like a website from 2005, it's lacking in the innovation department (really sorry if I'm offending anyone here), the much needed first impression of "WOW, this just looks awesome! I seriously need to try this out, it looks amazing!" - kinda feeling is missing.
  • Designing a really appealing promotion Video and put it to be easy to find for the busy internet user that for a few seconds lands on your website before moving on. If the website appears appealing, then a small promotion video will probably also be watched. Here you got, i.e. 2-3 minutes to sell WINAMP and make potential new or old users love it! It should be memorable, send a message that WINAMP stands for which correlates with the current and new potential WINAMP users. Anything like you're trying to make the very best media player, giving the impression that this is a serious project with a lot hard work behind it, someone who listens to the users needs, making a really powerful media tool! Give the feeling that WINAMP isn't dead and running on the steam of a long gone past only to add support to Windows 8 and a few language updates.
  • Allow for more default supported skins to catch the eye of different kind of user markets. Many people are now used to other players on the internet and WINAMP has lost a huge amount of followers as a result. Different type of skins to support the different kind of people would make a good first impression. Say for example have 3 or 5 supported default skins designed for 3 or 5 different type of mainstream people.
  • Make it easier for people to support you - Allow for or make it easier to find Donation options to help you out economically, easy to spot links to kickstarter projects and the like. I realize you may not prefer to do this, it's only suggestion after all, but try appear more ******d to your fans and followers, Steve Job style if you like! Anything goes! Be fashionable, be lovable, be yourself with style.
  • Make potential new customers aware that they can easy use their Apple, Android and Windows phone devices in WINAMP, especially make it smarter and really, really easy to learn about! For example make it part of the promotion video. The easier people can update their iPhone, Android or other devices through a single media station which not only does that, but also support other media such as Netflix for example, the more value you add! The more value, the harder it will be to ignore WINAMP!
    Of course watch out for legal issues, Apple tends to sue to the left and right these days after Steve Jobs died, although perhaps they did learn their lesson recently.
  • WINAMP has a strong branding potential but it's not being used!!! The logo is strong, the name is great, most people have heard about you!
    It's a great marketing potential that shouldn't be ignored! If earning money is any concern, then consider for a moment just how big a potential there is in WINAMP, it's a project not being pushed forward into a world that is lacking a true Media King!
    It's great timing too, there is a upcoming battle in the Media player market right now, and in such a period people start to wonder which media player to use.
    If WINAMP has more goodies and better layout than any of the others, then that settles it for the user!
    Just because Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and others are big does not mean that WINAMP can't compete, especially not with the potential WINAMP has!
    Most importantly, the best promotion EVER is the mouth to mouth between friends! That's how WINAMP got popular in the first place back in the days, that's the kind of people who backs WINAMP, the spirit behind it, the power behind it, the usefulness of WINAMP, so much that they want to recommend it to their friends. Use this strategy again? Make a bigger community love you!
  • Become a real Organization, hire more people if needed, and find ways to earn money without lowering the quality WINAMP has too much.
    With all those possible ideas and potential out there, WINAMP today has the means to become an Organization unlike 10+ years ago when the market wasn't ready. It is today!
    This is more of a wakeup call, as WINAMP couldn't have done any of all this 10 years ago, times are changing.

I realize that this post may sound arrogant to some, and neutral to others when it comes to the way I did put forward these suggestions, but please be ensured that I only do this out of support to WINAMP as a Thanks for many faithful years as a companion! Whether you find any of this useful or not is something else, as long you're not offended by any of it.
I realize that you may not want to put more energy into WINAMP, and that it's just being kept running and sometimes small updates, but other than that don't want to put too much effort into it. If that's the case then that's all fine, I just hope you will consider to give WINAMP a chance again, it really has a huge potential, and if anything, now is the perfect timing to get it going in the upcoming media player battle!

At any rate, if WINAMP does not step up to Innovate and follow the ever changing world, soon, then it may be too late. There is a lot of changes coming, new technology, new portals, and people will only get used and familiar with all these other new ways to spread music, and it would be increasingly harder for WINAMP to make a come back.
The time to strike is when the giant of competition is either sleeping and hope it won't wake up which they probably will, it's organizations like Google, Apple etc we're talking about here. Or! Do it while there is a huge uproar, like now.
Let the Giants fight while you sneak right in below them! That way they will not bother about you, perhaps until it's too late for them.

Anyone - Feel free to add/correct/criticize any suggestion mentioned here, the whole point is to bring WINAMP back under the assumption that WINAMP perhaps would consider to re-join the game of making the best media player!

I think a future with WINAMP is better than without, even if I have to pay for it!
I'd hate to see the deathblow to WINAMP over the next decade in the upcoming storm of media battle.

Much respect to both WINAMP and the community! I hope many will add/remove/edit in these suggestions, more brains are better than one after all!
If you disagree, then do feel free to voice it up!

Alright, time to get off some of all this caffeine in the middle of the night
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Well... you did a big job braining this, I see this is your first post, you see, I share your enthusiasm and good will, a lot of people (users) do, but sadly it´s not the first time this is discussed and it won´t be the first time it will end up in a "dead end", have you seen this?:

Article explaining PART OF what happened behind Winamp:

Some more "Winamp bitching" (newer):

Propositions (some are like yours) and answers given:

This should give you an idea of what is the actual state of things..

My advice: Enjoy what is there, don´t ask for more, it could be worst (the soft can be really dead and no updates at all). Besides, hope is the last thing we can loose, there is always the chance that Nullsoft / Winamp gets buyed to AOL by someone who really cares about it.
Finally, try to learn something that help´s you make the program better in some way; writing scripts or doing skins, among other things.

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Yeah, I guess you are straight out of marketing school. Long post full of waffle, but not much content. May be a good idea to read what the community here has already covered before telling everyone they are doing it wrong.

Your request for Netflix support is simple - go and ask Netflix to produce a plugin. Simples. Winamp will not be able to force Netflix to allow them to support their closed in protocols, so it would be a plugin that netflix needs to write. (Anything DRM based is gonna be a headache as the idiots who run those companies like to control everything and grab fees from people... you don't think that Samsung\Panasonic just add Netflix to their TVs without payments being exchanged?)

Skins - well, there are already THOUSANDS of these if you look. There is even a button to take you directly to the skins on this website buried within Winamp itself. Skins are an ancient part of Winamp so you have access to a decade and a half of artistic community work. And if they aren't enough for you - head to Classic Pro and see THEIR heap of skins.

Donating money? Easy - buy a Pro licence. Want to donate more? Nothing stopping you buying more Pro licences. Trouble is people don't like parting with money. There are too many people who just use Winamp for free. Even some regulars on this forum have never paid a penny towards Winamp. So if they ain't stumping up cash, who else will?

I'm a believer in paying for work when it is done well. Which is why is is also nice to see Donate buttons on plugins. Beer Money should always be donated to those who produce quality.

Too many people want everything for free now. This is easy for something like iTunes as they have their iDevices to sell to their iDiots who pump money into Apple leaving them with more cash sloshing around that most countries in the world!

AOL doesn't have tons of cash around, but great to see they are still supporting Nullsoft and Winamp even if it is on a shoestring.

If you want to create a Promotional Video - then do so. Host it up on YouTube and promote it. Winamp is very community driven, so it would be a community video. Seems logical to me.

In your "Pros" list you have missed SO MUCH of what Winamp can do. Research your product a bit more and realise how far ahead Winamp really is. Winamp does so much that I am still finding new features in it - and I have only been using it for 15 years. And look at the Beta with the move into the Cloud. Apple and Android versions knocking around now. Innovation is still happening. And with the cloud there is also going to be an income stream from selling extra storage space.

I laughed at your last sentence. Caffeine fuelled - LoL!! That explains the ramble of text and repeating yourself. Yeah, we all love Winamp, and it is a niche product, but they can't just magically find the cash to pay loads of extra developers. The guys who work on it now are absolute stars for the work they put in, and how "hands on" they are with features and tweaks. Try asking Apple for new iTunes features.... LoL!

Yeah, we get where you are coming from - and agree with some bit - but personally I am glad that Winamp does not waste its small budget on tons of blingy marketing, websites, promotional videos, etc. I would always rather see that cash going to the guys who do the actual work. But then I am an ex-programmer myself so may be a little biased

If you haven't already done it, go grab the latest Beta and play with it. Lots of nice little changes going on in there.

And most importantly. Welcome to the community. Welcome to the forum. Stay around, learn some stuff, and when you have created your promotional videos we can all let you know what we think.
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Talking about promotional videos.. Please do something to erase from my head the last video promoting winamp.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwTVtCQOOdU =D. I never quite understood that style (maybe cause it uses some localism - American related humor I'm missing?) and always felt it was kind of an ugly video..
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Hi Victhor,

Did Nullsoft really have anything to do with that promo? The acting and dancing is so bad, it's funny. Sometimes such things are done on purpose, not sure in this case.

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Apparently, but I'm not 100% sure.. (remember seeing it when it came out, was promoted through some official channel, can't recall if it was Facebook, blog or what, was too long ago.. ).
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