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Shoutcast TV streamings list - Do anyone have any url about it?

Hello Guys,

It's been a wild while the last time i post in this classy forum, all the things i learn and write here are a part of my life that i have in some high value on my hearth.

So to cheer that moment and all those years in this palace of forum we had, i want to make a question to all of you guys.

Do you have any URL of the old Shoutcast TV channels?

i remember there was an user than make an url to an online list, but finaly it close it too, i also remember than not all the channels where added to that list but they still transmit if you have the urls.

So the question come guys, do you have any url?

How about if we share them here?

Edit: admins, feel free to move this to shoutcast discussion, actualy i think i'm gonna copy it there, feel free to delete this post if you so want because i don't know where exactly i should post it.
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yep your other post has been deleted, crossposting is not allowed.

Each Thursday a new show on Celtica Radio with Darkwave music.

Nope, it's not a radiostation just a non stop darkwave music stream

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