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Alarms snoozed almost without sounding

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question -- please be gentle :-) I did search the forums here but didn't find an answer, so please direct me to posts if I missed finding. Thank you.

I just got my first Droid phone... Motorola Droid Razr Maxx running OS version 2.3.6. I didn't much care for the stock music player so installed the free verison Winamp player to see how that works out.

Winamp player works fine except for one issue: Alarms I've set with the stock alarm app are sounded with a very brief 'blip' noise then immediately go on snooze. It is very easy for me to miss an alarm altogether while using the Winamp player.

For testing, I switched temporarily to the stock music player. It doesn't have this issue. The alarms sound through the phone's speaker using my selected alert tone and for the full length of the alarm time -- while all the while the music is playing.

Does the Pro version of Winamp allow alarms to sound fully instead of being cut off and snoozed? I'd love it if the alarms can sound fully and also be routed into the headset same as the music, instead of coming out the phone's speaker.

Any help or information on this issue is appreciated. Thank you.

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