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Spectral Analyzer

So I havent seen much of this either, and it really confuses me. It might be a fix for all I know. In early versions of Winamp, the spectral analyzer would show midrange (such as guitar and some vocals) right in the middle of the display, bass on the left, and higher frequencys rolling off to the right. A while back I noticed that now theres hardly any bass area, the midrange is to the left now, and theres jsut about nothing to the right. I've used the same mp3s/cds/waves and got the same results. I noticed a fix about the analyzer fixing the bass side or something. Its not all that important, just makes me curious, and confused. Oh, also, (and this happened a while back too) the SA depends on which decoder is used. using in_mp3.dll, it acted just like Im used to (bass left, mid center, high right), but others would move it in some other direction. The original way just seemed right to me, and the new way it visualizes just seems off.
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in_mp3 didn't show you much above 16khz (far right single pixel width bar only). It is the only exception. ALL other input plugins display the spectrum linearly (0 at the left, half the max freq in the middle, max freq at the right). Use a proper mp3 plugin like mpg123 or mad and you will have consistency for everything.
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Surely you must be referring to some old version of in_mp3 and not in_mp3 from 5.3 ;-)
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hmm, I had thought about that, with the plugins. It must just be a problem with my setup because it does it for all input plugins (I even have the updated in_mp3). So I dunno, haha. Its not really that big a deal, but thanks for the help anyways
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