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I don't know about anyone else but I'm beginning to find Internet radio a chore rather than something I enjoy.

Too many Chiefs not enough Indians these days, Everyone thinks their station is the best thing since sliced bread.

Station owners and DJ's generally tend to live in a Twitter/Facebook bubble these days anyway. There are some truly horrendous stations on the Internet, Wrong bitrate (Who still listens to 16kbps stations anyway)?, No volume levelling, No proper tags etc.. the list of crimes is endless.

When I got into radio in the late 80s with hospital radio I loved it....When it came to Internet radio, I was a listener using Winamp way before I actually learned how to stream myself.

I used to enjoy doing live shows but now anxiety and other problems have taken over & I'm in chronic pain most days from Arthritis. (Not looking for sympathy)

I've hung my headphones up, Won't be doing DJ work again for a while.

If ever, It's not like my health problems are magically go away they're likely to get worse.

I think I'm just going to stick to running a local stream to stream music around the flat using RadioDJ to automate and Winamp to play it back.

One thing I will never lose though is my love for music.... It was fun while it lasted I guess. Just over 28 and a half years of DJ work under my belt in all it's various forms.

Never thought I'd see the day.....

Proud USER of RadioDJ since 2011 people say I'm biased!

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