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Playlist Location Problem

Hi. Ok, first I'll set up my question...
I add 10 mp3s to the empty playlist editor. Then I save the playlist in a folder of my choosing: ...\My Documents\Music\Playlists\Guitar.m3u.
Next I clear the playlist editor, add 10 other songs, and save the playlist in a folder of my choosing: ...\My Documents\Music\Playlists\Drums.m3u.
Then I load the Guitar.m3u playlist.

I play drums and guitar and I've decided that one of the songs in my Guitar.m3u also should be in Drums.m3u.

So, I want to right-click the file in the playlist editor, select "Send to", then "Media Library Playlists", then Drums.m3u, but Drums.m3u does not appear in the list. I want it to be there!

I guess only playlists from from the Application Data folder appear here, but why would anyone want a playlist sitting in Application Data ?? (That's a rhetorical question, I don't really want to know why.) I just want to see the playlists from my playlist folder in the list.

Please help as I've been trying to make this work for hours now.

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the media library playlists are not related to those you manually create in a folder.

the purpose of the media library playlist is a repository of playlists where people aren't bothered about them not being in the physical location (as you and many other people do).

at the moment, without re-opening the playlist and amending things like that i don't think there is another option for what you're looking for (either natively or via a plug-in - there's been a few requests for such a plug-in but no one has created one that i'm aware off and with the response i got from some users i haven't seen the interest to create one myself).

so unless someone else can some up with a better suggestion i'm not too sure there's much of an option at the moment for you other than the tedious manual method.

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