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Post Sending Email Feedback and Crash Reports from Winamp for Mac

When sending feedback to the Winamp Team about an issue or question you have, it is especially helpful to include the last crash log for the application (assuming the application has crashed). Below are the step-by-step instructions for sending feedback and how to attach and send the crash log for Winamp for Mac.

1. To send email directly to the Winamp for Mac team please use the feedback-mac@winamp.com address.
2. You can send feedback directly from the Winamp for Mac application by clicking on the Send Feedback link from the Winamp menu. Emails sent from this menu include other system info that will help the Winamp team.

To add a crash report to your feedback email:

1. Open your Applications folder in the Finder.
2. Open the Utilities folder.
3. Launch the Console program.
4. Find and open the node “User Diagnostics Reports” (it is under “Diagnostic and User Information”).
5. You should see a list of crash reports (ex: “Winamp_2011-12-02-030605_US144343.crash”)
6. Click and drag that item into a new mail message window.
7. You can also right-click on an individual crash report to send directly from Console.
8. Please send the most recent crash report, the date is included in the report name (e.g. “Winamp_2011-12-02-030605_US144343.crash”)
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