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accents in titles: not ml_ipod's fault

I have a few posts about accents not always working properly during syncing, even though Winamp displayed them properly.

This has been a pet peeve of mine (I speak several languages that use accents), and I thought it was ml_ipod's lack of Unicode support that was the problem, even though some tracks sync'd just fine with accents.

Then today it hit me: only audiobooks titles appear to have the problem!

I get most of my audiobooks from the library and convert them to .m4b using a free program called MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter ( http://www.*********oftware.com/index.php )

Using MP3Tag ( http://www.mp3tag.de/en/ ) another free tool that understands .mp3, but also .m4a and .m4b tagging, I was able to confirm that the tag info is incorrectly formatted in the audiobook .m4b tag (accented character are simply removed!)

This means the accent problem is with the audiobook converter, not with Winamp/ml_ipod.

I either need to to switch audiobook converter (any suggestions?) or need to add an extra step to fix tags using MP3Tag whenever the title of an audiobook contains accents.
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