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Have I got it working without posting? Pls check!


I have been going nuts getting this working today - maybe as this is running on a 'slave' laptop on a network. Never mind - I think its working okay. I have kicked the cat, ignored the other half, and refused dinner but I THINK it's there.

Could somebody pls check they can hear me okay? Look for sparky on the homepage search (sparky digital FM) - I need a few connections to check it out.

I have got it working via the internet whilst searching on the server but when I also connect via my laptop I get massive distortion....is this to do with receiving 2 signals at the same IP address or is my connection not quite right?

I need to know as I am proud that I got it going without posting (I can laugh at all those millions of lazy posters who ask for help in getting it working!!)

What is the best listener/quality ratio on a 512kb ADSL line? - I want the best quality but the most listeners you see!

Thanks for your help - I've been going mad but I think I've done it - please tell me I have!

Simon - look for (sparky d i g i t a l FM)
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Continue discussion here.

-- Michael
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