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I have a few bugs to report and a big problem with Winamp that I cannot seem to fix.

The bugs you maybe have heard about already:

On the playlist editor, the 'L' and 'Shift-L' for adding files to your playist doesn't work. Well, it works sometimes, but it is very fickle and sometimes deletes the entire playlist before it adds the desired file.

The sort function only sort of works too, though that is not as bad as the add file problem.

The final problem I have with Winamp is whenever I am playing an mp3 file, Winamp induces my System process batch (or whatever it is called; titled "System" in the task manager processes tab) to consume 10-80% of my processor time, which is extremely annoying. I like to have winamp running in the background of games. When Winamp lags my game, I consider finding a new player.

I am not certain this is a Winamp problem, but it seems to be directly associated with Winamp.
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Make sure the playlist has the focus when using the shortcuts. It works fine here.

For more support, we need more infos including a my_plugins_list.txt.
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