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Goodbye again

I despise shoutcast. You shove ads down users throats at inopportune times. You always did, which is why I never bother with your service.

There are plenty of streams that dont do this.

Surprised you're not out of business by now.

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the only 'ads' should be happening when loading a stream via the site of via the in-Winamp view for the first song and then again after starting to play a few more (leaving the in-Winamp view i believe resets that) and you have to be in the US. obviously there are ones at the top of the in-Winamp view which have been there for ages (not ideal especially for those who've gone pro who probably shouldn't be subject to it) but that's just how it is.

the simple option around it is to bookmark the streams you want to listen and then play them. that won't stop the streams themselves playing ads in the stream output (that has always been down to the broadcasters) but it alleviates the ad on loading issue (which in most cases seems to fail for me when i'm on vpn so it just appears and disappears).

and if a stream decides to insert ads into the stream themselves then they are fully entitled to do that - don't like it then don't listen to that stream but streams have to try to find a way to generate enough income to be able to cope with bandwidth and hosting costs, etc. just because it seems to be free to you to use still means someone has to pay for things.

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