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Trashed... Winamp sucks now.

It is really amazing how you guys trashed this software... Ads and annoying functions that we are forced to use are the biggest problem.

Ah... I miss winamp 5.24... was the best version. No bullshit software. No ads on shoutcast. And now, we can only use this new shoutcast tv interface. Who the F created that sh*t? With the older one we could see all streams at once. Now we have to click on pages to search for something.... F-off....

If someone is interested in destroying a software, they must hire you guys.
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yup it sucks now,wonder if that's why alot of TV stations are dropping out
now its all a bunch of retards bouncing their heads and acting like they are affecting the music lol !!!!!
who wants to watch some stoned guy play music ,damn dude get a life and go outside and breathe some fresh air ....
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v5.56 Pro works well for me, it is just the old styled good WinAMP All I miss is a working MED plugin, and that it is.

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destroyed winamp

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