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We have lost the next famous cult now... Space Night...

Is that "Music"? Is that "Movie & TV"? It is both, but I have decided for The Bitchlist again. It was very difficult for me to find the right forums for that, and I can only hope, that I didn't choose the wrong forums now.
Space Night was a very famous cult in the TV, a musical & movie-like TV-Serial, it had so many fans around the world, not only in Germany.
I have bookmarked some more links in my Firefox. I have decided to post 3 of them now, but it's in German, and the Google Translator has to be used:
Space Night was broadcasted 1994 the first time, and it had become very famous in the world. You can look at Amazon in "Music" for Space Night, Elektrolux, Elux, Mikrolux, Mole Listening Pearls. Not all the music of the artists on the Sampler-CDs was released also on solo-albums by Elektrolux, some music was released on other solo-albums by other labels, and a few tracks are only on the Sampler-CDs themselves and on no other CD, but the most of these very great artists can be found on old solo-albums by Elektrolux. Space Night Vol. II-IX (Various Artists) are the best. The Bavarian TV in Germany had many very nice Space Night Earth Views Movies, we all have loved them very much, especially Space Night Earth Views IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X (the last Earth Views Movie was in 16:9, all the other Earth Views Movies were in 4:3). Space Night came each night for 3-4 hours until 6:00 in the morning, but the 7th January 2013 was the last day.
I have fears, that YouTube could delete also the last videos very soon:
I love some tracks more than some other tracks, and I had selected some of them:
Not all tracks from the "Space Night Artists" are in the Space Night Earth Views Movies, and I have some other very nice videos in some other playlists, for Nor Elle and JFC I have 2 playlists. And I have also discovered many other spacenightish music. It is not always easy to decide: would that track have been also something for a further Space Night Earth Views Movie or not? If the music sounds very spacenightish for me, then the video lands into this playlist:
An old Facebook-Group had only one member last week, after all older groups had been changed by Facebook to the new group-format last year and the less other members have gone, but I have waked up that group again, also people from other countries are joining the group "Space Night" now, and we have many discussions in many other groups, too. There are also many suggestions for a New Space Night. I have decided to open a new thread now, and we can discuss also here, because maybe many other very famous cults have suddenly disappeared after so many years, too, and the next very famous cults could also disappear very soon.
Space was the cult for us, for so many years, we all had loved Space Night very much. We don't understand, why the next very famous cult has been killed now.
I want to help my friends, I have already made many suggestions how to enjoy spacenightish music very perfectly. For example the Winamp Visuals could be used or slideshows with very nice Space Art Images while listening to the music. A search for "Space Art" gives so many results. I want to mention also HubbleSite and Dreamscene.
Today people have also notebooks and tablets, not only PCs. A notebook at the bed would be much better than a tablet, if someone wants also to watch, not only to listen.
Slideshows and Visuals on the notebook have to do the job now, because the TV doesn't do that anymore...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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Sabine Klare
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Maybe Space Night will come back...
Yesterday I got news about that. We have new discussions in my Facebook-Group Space Night, and I have 2 links now (in German):
We can only hope, that the Bavarian TV will not cancel the new plans to bring back the legendary Space Night with millions of fans. Maybe new Space Night Earth Views Movies will follow, and we can only hope, that the music will be also very good like in the old movies. If the music will be not so good anymore, then there are also other music-videos in YouTube in the style of Space Night Earth Views and other music-videos with Space Scenes and always with very nice Chillout...
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I found the very good news in my Space Night Group already 3 days ago. I had only less time, but I want to post 2 links now (finally):
I should write some PMs to some other GEMA-free artists from the other countries to give them the second link. We all know us personally and we keep us up to date with new track-links and playlist-links. We GEMA-free artists can also make our own shows in Mixlr without being patronized by the GEMA, and the GEMA cannot get money from the GEMA-free artists, not in Mixlr and also not in Space Night anymore now. The new Space Nigth Earth Views Episodes will have very good music (I know the music from the other GEMA-free artists), also the old episodes will get new music, CC-Music (Creative Commons)...
Space Night forever!!!...
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Excuse me...

I don't mean to be rude here, but:

A. What in the hell are you talking about?

B. To whom are you talking?

It is, quite literally, an endless stream of absolutely unintelligible gibberish. Are all of your posts so irrelevant and painful to read?

Again, I'm sorry! But can anyone honestly tell me they've gotten past the second sentence without just giving up? It actually makes me nauseous trying to decipher the incessant, compulsive blabbering.

If there's an actual message, or point, somewhere in any of this, then please excuse and forgive me. In the meantime...Jesus Henry Christ!
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Excuse me ...

I don't mean to be rude here, but:

A. What in the hell exactly do you think you are up to?

B. Why would you join a forum and insult long standing members across multiple threads for no apparent reason?

Point B will not be tolerated on these boards. I almost banned you for your llama thread, and you should most definitely be banned for this crap.

Luckily, I think you are little more than a troll that has run his/her course and that is the only reason you are being given another chance. Do it again, and you are done. You have not officially been warned.
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