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Why can't I drag files into winamp anymore?

Everytime I go and drag any file into Winamp now, I get a circle with a line through it icon and the item does not go into the playlist. I'm using Winamp 5.41. I was able to do drag files yesterday but now I can't anymore.
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Windows OS? Vista maybe?

Are you running Winamp in admin mode?
If yes, disable that compatibility setting and restart Winamp.

ps. please note that the latest and only supported version is 5.56
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Thanks that solved it. That is one other reason that Windows Vista sucks.

I also have another problem. Every time I exit out of the file info box, Winamp crashes no matter what output plugin I'm using whether it be NotSoFatso or Note 64th.

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If you just installed, or the program triggered a elevated prompt then windows tend to not recognize a drag and drop until you close and restart the program. I had similar problems with different programs until I realized what triggered it.
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I had to downgrade after installing the newest version to 5.41 because the newest version right now caused this problem was causing the file info view box would crash winamp so I can't tag anything like SPC files but after downgrading, the problem still exist and I don't want to do a clean install because I'll lose all of the plugins and settings I have.
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Thanks that solved it. That is one other reason that Windows Vista sucks.
XP had the same admin system so stop bashing vista

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drag function on Windows 7

I work with Windows 7 and have the same problem.
I tried the option with the compability mode. but winamp isn´t in the admin mode. i tried winamp 5.56 , winamp 3.00 and winamp 2.96 - all with different compabilite modes. with all versions i have different problems. with the newest version i cant drag the files or folders in the playlist. with winamp 3.00 its the same problem but the curser changes to the drag mode ... but the songs dont appear in the list. With winamp 2.96 i CAN drag the files into the list , but the playlist i had when installed this version is saved for all time. when i load different songs into the playlist they will not be saved. when starting winamp its always the same songs.

does anyone know what to do?
im fine with every version

thx for your help
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i run winamp in admin mode (via properties on its icon) b/c if i don't it won't write to tags in files.

so why can't u drag a file to be played in admin mode??

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this is a known issue with in_mp3.dll in Winamp, you should replace it with the dll from an earlier version

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djdrue: check the dates of threads before you reply to them. as this thread is from 4 years prior to the 5.66x releases (which the link you had posted related to).

and i've changed the link you posted since it provides a link to get a patched installer instead of just installing the one specific plug-in.
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So what if the thread is 4 years old? This is still an issue with Winamp 5.666 and Windows 10. And it makes no difference if winamp is run as an admin or not.
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Originally Posted by ClintJCL2 View Post
So what if the thread is 4 years old? This is still an issue with Winamp 5.666 and Windows 10.

1) this thread is now 13 years old and the last reply 8 years ago

2) have you seen the new release? 5.9

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