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Podcasts & history


i've downloaded and used the new winamp and find a few problems for podcasts:

1) When i do the transfer, it takes a while for it to finally start transferring. BUT when it does start transferring my Winamp freezes until it is all done. This problem never happened in the old versions. Why is this? What's gone wrong?

2) in the left hand panel, Downloads used to be under Podcast but now it's separate. I don't see any advantaged. It's still all quite primitive also I'm sorry to say.

I don't see any realy progress here in Winamp on podcast, which is disappointing.

Also in the "History", can we have a setting that the only history recorded is for Podcasts only?

I'm also getting a lot more crashing in Winamp now, i don't know why but when i figure out then i'll let you all know.

Thx... I love Winamp and been using it since 2003
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Hi -- I'm assuming you've installed 5.581? I'm curious to hear what other changes you see to the podcasting functionality?
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i think i've sorted pt 1... and the crashing (it needed Ultimate Media Library addin updated for some reason!)

as for the rest of the points i hope you can fix those bits up for the next release.

Pocasts on Winamp is still very primitive...

Also would like it when you do "Update All" that if the thread is updated with a new entry then the LHS heading for the RSS is highlighted etc to show that there is a new entry.
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for #2 see -> http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....75303#Podcasts (it's basically that the downloads view is now a more generic situation for any downloads done via Winamp though some agreed it was silly to do this change hence the ini only hacks).

everything else (excluding the crash issue you've mentioned) are feature requests though i doubt the history one would happen as the history feature is a generic case as well).

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