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Cool Stupid little thing hmm

My volume knob works but as far as keeping the shape while its rotating is not correct.
Any help appreciated.

Sorry for the long abscense.

PHP Code:
<layer id="VolumeKnob" image="player.rotation.volume" x="400" y="0" w="50" h="50" move="0"/>
slider id="HiddenVolume" action="Volume" x="-1000" y="-1000" w="50" h="50" thumb="player.rotation.volume" alpha="0" ghost="1"/>
script id="volumeknob" file="scripts/volumeknob.maki"/> 
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Ey, sorry for the slow reply! XD
If the script compiles ok, and the wheel does rotate (somehow), then the Map may not be "perfect". I think the map needs to have a full white to black shade, with no hiccups along the way, like the one attached.
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Hi folks

I noticed that, when rotationg a layer, the rotated image is sometimes distorted. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the layer must be bigger than the object you want to rotate, e.g. if your object is 25 x 25 pix, its image must be 35 x 35 with a 5 pix transparent border. In this way, the pixels of the border are not alterated in the rotation. For a better precision, you can also increase the grid size in the rotate init section of the maki script, i.e. object.fx_setGridSize(15,15) instead of object.fx_setGridSize(10,10);

Here is the 2003 frisbeemonkey's volumeknob script I use as basis for object rotation.

// volumeknob.m
// Example of an Volume Knob using rotation
// based on rotation.m found in winamp3/lib
// (Improved, no longer needs HiddenVolume)
// created by FrisbeeMonkey

// 1. Define the following in your XML:
// <layer id="VolumeKnob" image="player.VolumeKnob" x="?" y="?" move="0"/>
// Change the position(x,y) of "VolumeKnob" to the specifics
// of your layer. Make sure the image is facing where you want 0 to be.
// 2. Define your gradient map with your other elements using:
// <bitmap id="player.map.volknob" file="player/VolKnobMap.png"/>
// If you need help creating a map file, check:
// http://www.stefanweb.com/wa3/tutorials.html#UsingMaps
// 3. Make sure your ticker is called "SongTicker" and is in the same group as
// "VolumeKnob". If you don't have a ticker, add one now.
// 4. Copy this script (and volumeknob.maki) to your scripts folder.
// 5. If you don't have volumeknob.maki, compile this script.
// 6. Add this line to the group that contains your animated layer
// <script id="volumeknob" file="scripts/volumeknob.maki"/>
// 7. Refresh your skin(F5) and try it out.

// never forget to include std.mi
#include "../../../lib/std.mi"

//defines PI as a constant if it hasn't been already
#ifndef PI
#define PI 3.1415926536

//declares volume functions
Function updateVolume(int x, int y);

//declares rotate functions
Function rotateKnob(float newvol);
Function KnobInit();
Function KnobRotateDegree(double r);
Function KnobRotate(double r);

//declares global variables
Global Layer Volume;
Global Map VolumeMap;
Global Timer SongTickerTimer;
Global Text SongTicker;
Global Double KnobR;
Global Boolean VolumeChanging;

//when script is loaded, do this
System.onScriptLoaded() {

// Get the group that has the objects we want
Group pcGroup = getScriptGroup();

// Now that we have the group, get the objects in the group
Volume = pcGroup.findObject("VolumeKnob");
SongTicker = pcGroup.findObject("songticker");

// Initialize our timer
SongTickerTimer = new Timer;

// Load the gradient map
volumeMap = new Map;

//initialize rotation and volume variables and set knob position
VolumeChanging = 0;
float u;
u = System.getVolume();
u = u / 255;

// Clears text area
SongTickerTimer.onTimer() {

// Handles Volume Mouse Events
Volume.onLeftButtonDown(int x, int y) {
VolumeChanging = 1;
updateVolume(x, y);
Volume.onLeftButtonUp(int x, int y) {
if (VolumeChanging) {
VolumeChanging = 0;
updateVolume(x, y);
Volume.onMouseMove(int x, int y) {
if (VolumeChanging) {
updateVolume(x, y);

// Updates Volume Image and System Position
updateVolume(int x, int y) {
int newValue = VolumeMap.getValue(x - Volume.getLeft(), y - Volume.getTop());

// Updates display and SongTicker on Volume changes
System.onVolumeChanged(int newVol) {
Float f = getVolume();
f = f / 255;

int p = (newVol * 100) / 255;
Songticker.setAlternateText("Volume:" + System.integerToString(p) + "%)");

//rotates knob to new orientation
rotateKnob(float newvol){
//finds out how many degrees to rotate
newvol = newvol * 360;
//rotates that many degress, uses negative since we want clockwise rotation

//initializes layer fx settings
KnobInit() {

//converts degrees to radians, then calls KnobRotate
KnobRotateDegree(double r) {
KnobRotate(r * PI / 180.0);

//rotates layer
KnobRotate(double r) {
KnobR = r;
//notifies that a change has been made, therefor update display

//does the actual rotation of the layer
Volume.fx_onGetPixelR(double r, double d, double x, double y) {
return r + KnobR;

System.onScriptUnloading() {
delete SongTickerTimer;
delete VolumeMap;

Have a nice day
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