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For me it's 20 years and i still haven't seen software produce the beautiful, varied stunning pictures this old classic provides when asked.

It kind of goes beyond programming or algorithms into some other realm of it's own.

Amazing stuff.

Just needed to say that.

Cheers everyone. Hope you feel the same
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I feel the same way joshy909. Long live Winamp, AVS and Milkdrop!
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Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever
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mildrop is a nice improvement to the 'classic' winamp avs system but as nothing to coompare with what offerd others players like for instance sonique with much versatile graphics, better dynamic visualization plugins !


I still use it some time, nearly 30 years later, even if it's sound engine doesn't match more recent media players but my visualization config (one main plugin cycling throught 10 of them with effects in the fading process) + the ability to display AVS inside the main skin window is unmatched.
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