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Winamp Playlist Generator (gracenote)

I'm developing a VB.NET app that needs to get winamp to generate a playlist based on a song that is in the media library. Basically I just need to simulate what happens when a user right clicks a song and chooses 'Play tracks similar to...'.

Any ideas how I could do this?
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i don't think you're going to have too much luck doing that with VB.NET as the api (which i don't think is even publically exposed and the menu items are created on the fly) requires in process usage (so a true plug-in rather than an external app as i think you'd have to do).

there's nothing stopping you creating a playlist and making Winamp play that (via IPC_ENQUEUEFILE) but at the moment i'm not too sure how else you'd be able to get anywhere near to what you're wanting to do.

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