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Some feedback

Recently I got with the 21st century and have an android phone.

Obviously being a long timer with Winamp want my favourite media player to be used.

I don't want Daz and the rest of the Winamp team to take it personally but I must say I am disappointed.

So I have some questions/queries/feedback.

a) Album view

I am really confused by this.

Why are you not looking at the Album Artist tag info, if available.
Where album artist != artist (e.g. compilations where album artist = Various, etc) it just displays the last artist in the album as the name of the album artist. Where I want it to say the album artist.

Is there a reason for this?

b) Artist view

Again this is confusing to me.
It displays all the artists in my collection, great but the info about them is not logical.

Artist A
1 Album
Artist B
1 Album

When infact it is
Artist A
0 albums, 1 track
Artist B
1 album, 10 tracks

(and compilations Various Artists could be:
Various Artists
2 albums, 0 tracks and display the albums when selected.)

Again linked to album artist tag to see if they are actually albums or not.
But if you have a well tagged collection currently it is not utilising this.

c) Tag info

Would it be possible to have an option to display the tag info of my files (and edit them. I know you are trying to sell the album washer so I am cool if you do not want to allow editing)

Most players I have used on Andriod have similar problems but I want Winamp to be my player and the best out there.

I hope you will take these comments in good faith.

Can you let me know your thoughts?

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