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Winamp flashes in task bar


This has been a bug in Winamp for as long as I can remember, going back a couple of years. I'm certain I had it in Windows XP and it still happens in Windows 7.

It's pretty easy to re-create. Have Winamp open and then open another program such as an internet browser. If you use the Windows Key + D shortcut to view the desktop, then press that combination again to restore all the previous windows, Winamp will start to flash in the task bar as if it's trying to notify you of a new event (as say a messenger program would do If it was alerting you to a new message)

It's nothing major but I've always found this really annoying behaviour and would appreciate if it could get eventually fixed

this has happened across numerous PC installs i've had over the years.
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Doesn't happen here on Windows XP SP3 with Winamp Classic Skin and Bento Skin.
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Hi sirlemonhead,

I can not replicate that behavior either (running Win7 64-bit). What version of Winamp are you using?

Winamp Pro v5.666.3516 fully-patched - Komodo X Touchscreen v1.0 by Victhor skin
Windows 10 Home 64-bit v1809 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system
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I'm finding that it happens for me on Win7 64-bit (Modern skin), but only when the other program (i.e. not Winamp) is focused before using the Windows Key + D. If Winamp is focused then it doesn't happen. And it only flashes around 5 or 6 times and then stops.
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the flashing is done by Windows and something is getting in the way of things which prevents Winamp from being correctly restored (be it some other programme getting focus or an issue in Winamp itself). the fact there's a number of different responses already shows that it's non-trivial and am aware of this cropping up over the years.

i suspect it stems more from how the Winamp windows are defined (which varies between skin types) and that doesn't always work will with the OS features, alas not much that can be done without breaking something else or taking ages to determine the cause (which cannot currently be committed to doing).
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No worries, if it's known but not trivial to fix then I won't let it worry me

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