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Itunes library xml add feature, how to keep updated

Hi I use iTunes to organize music and sync my iPod but use Winamp to play the music because of my netbook's limited horsepower (eg. Winamp doesn't use 100% CPU to play mp3).

I just came back to Winamp (last time I used was when 2.95 was the current version) and used the import itunes library feature when first opening Winamp x86. This apparently imports the iTunes library xml file. My question is how to I keep Winamp updated since I use it as a "viewer" for my iTunes library, I add and remove things from iTunes regularly. Is there a way to re-scan this xml file everytime Winamp opens?

I cannot find anywhere in the options where the iTunes import is again after you dismiss the screen on first run, all I can find are folder watches, and folder/file add removes. It seems to be a one-time thing and this isn't very useful.

To re-cap: I want to have Winamp rescan the iTunes library xml when Winamp runs so that its library view of my iTunes library is up to date, Winamp currently after the initial iTunes library import (via the xml file) doesn't keep any changes in iTunes up to date.

stock iTunes x86 with no additional plugins or skins that weren't included in installer
Windows 7 Professional x86
Intel Atom N280
latest release of iTunes
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