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Winamp displaying wrong info for some tracks

This one is really bizarre:

When I add a folder of flac tracks already on my HD to my library - using either the Library button in the bottom left corner of the Winamp Library panel (and then selecting Add Media to Library in the pop-up) or by selecting the playlist I want to add them to and then clicking the Add button and selecting Add Folder - occasionally - far from always - some of the tracks are displayed in the Winamp Library panel with the wrong artist, album, track, etc (the displayed info does correspond to correct info for other tracks on my disk that I haven't yet added). If I search for the tracks using the correct names, they're found, but still displayed w/ the wrong info (which doesn't vary if I change the view and then change back), and if I play them, the track I added plays, not the one displayed. I tried removing the problem tracks and re-adding them, incl. even moving them into a different directory after removing them from the library, then moving them back and re-adding them, and they're still displayed with the same wrong info (it's as if Winamp is permanently tagging the files, or remembering their wrong names after removal, or some such). So far the only pattern I think I've detected is that it seems to have something to do w/ the number of files being added, but I'm not exactly sure how (it's happened to files in added folders containing 600+ files and 83 files, but also to files in folders w/ as few as about 20 and 8 files; these last were first copied to the super-directory from which I'm adding everything as part of a move of about 140 files, but the rest of the files in that move were added without problem; this is actually part of the pattern: when this strange info substitution does happen, it only happens to some, not all, of the files in the added folder). I'll continue trying to determine an exact sequence of steps that results in the bug, but I wanted to report it now in case it lights a bulb over someone's head. :-)

Winamp 5.572 (x86)
Windows 7 Home Premium, updated
Pentium Dual-Core T4300
2.87 GB usable RAM
64 bit

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