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Winamp window just desapears

I've been using winamp since version 2.0
Since then, every version y have installed has the same problem: once in a while it crashes without warning or message, the window just desapears.
It tends to happen when a new song should start, but may happen at any time.
Many friends tell the same when I ask.
The most stable and complete version I've found is 2.95, before the allcrashing 3.0
I've used it on windows 95, XP, Vista, 7... In powerfull pcs that can handle the lastest 3d game available.

The last version I've tried was 5, and I uninstalled it after the first crash. In addition, it's a heavy, too complex program to make someting so basic as playing an mp3 file on a playlist.
It consumes too many resources and I can't use it while I work on Ilustrator or 3dMax, programs that consume many resources too, but have a real reason to do so...

You may have heard the phrase: "in design, less is more"
The beauty of the simple things well done.

The only reason that I still use the 2.95 despite the crashes is the graphic equalizer with preamp and the low resources usage of this old version.

It may sound aggresive.. but... Will you ever learn debugging??

I don't expect a response about this, you may delete my post after reading the next line.
I've never paid for a copy of winamp and I favor free software, against copyright.
What I develop, I give it for free.
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Moved to TS.

That Winamp 5.x eats so much resources, is a myth.

If you simply uncheck the components in the installer, you don't need, than it will use nearly the same resources like 2.9x did.

Winamp 5 - Library - Modern Skin support = Winamp 2

The only thing, which needs more RAM is the use of modern skins (you still can use the same old classic Winamp Skin) and a huge library.

My Winamp with a full playlist takes 0% CPU and nearly the same amount of RAM, like 2.95 did.

The amount of used RAM strongly depends on the number of files in your playlist. More files = more used RAM. Independent, if you use Winamp 2 or Winamp 5.

As for your crash issue, post more informations including a list of your installed plugins
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