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why u like winamp?

why u like winamp?
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Especially because of Milkdrop 2 of Winamp 5 in Full HD... but also because of many other features of Winamp... I myself prefer the skin "Bento" of Winamp... The 22th July 2010 was that day, which had changed my life forever, and I can never imagine anymore a life without my lovely Winamp...
Winamp rules!!!...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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i like it as it seems to attract many spammers to these associated forums which i then have to clean up afterwards...

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I didn't know, that this new thread should never have been opened here... but it is okay to remove the whole thread very soon...
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I like it because it can play a variety of audio formats, including my old MIDI files with auto-loading of SoundFonts (albeit using an old in-midi plug-in) and many MOD file formats.

At the time Winamp 2 was really the only player that could do all that and have just stayed with it since.
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I like it as it can play a load of different formats and is expandable through plugins such as the sound processing ones I use (and ironically am having problems with at the moment).
It's not as clunky as itunes, although the recent update seems to have added more 'weight' to program.
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The program is a masterpiece.
The developers and testers etc have spent YEARS working on this
and i couldn't thank them enough for offering the program publicly for FREE.

Its also worth noting that developers that focus on the software itself
RATHER than the copy protection deserve large respect !
These guys are in a class all their own, rather than bending over backwards
trying to thwart pirate groups from keygen'ing their software, they simply
spend their time and energy making a program that IS worth buying. (and yet still free)
I mention this because anyone with half a brain knows that winamp piracy is common..
in other words every winamp update that comes out a p2p group releases a keygen.

Anyways, in the old days i would say plugin support and skinning.
Currently my favorite feature last couple years is the local media library Smart Views
combined with skins that suit your needs you can rather quickly and easily make the ui
better than anything else out there.

Once again thanks and good job winamp people i appreciate your efforts
ps: and the peoople that manage this forum it must be a pain in the ass lol
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Originally Posted by harsh16 View Post
why u like winamp?
Because it really whips the llama's ass!
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Why do I like Winamp?

There is no other media platform as flexible or as user-centric as Winamp.


Winamp is truly exceptional, and possibly one of the programs that has sadly been given the least amount of praise relative to achievements.

iTunes/WMP and the others just can't touch winamp for add-ins, plug-ins, visualisations and the ability to tailor the program to the users preference.

I use many plug-ins and have removed a number of others...

It all adds up to a near perfect experience. It amazes me just how far behind the others are. I use the exceptional CPro skin with the MMD CPRo Skin, which i've amended in the code to be even better, which other media package can help on this? None!

Long may Winamp rule the roost they deserve the respect..
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Papadoc said it all. I would add one thing: listen and broadcast. and you have a forum
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