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Newbie question regarding Playlist Editor

I have a very particular application that I need to do. The best way to explain it is by example. Assume that I have a folder with 10 wave files. If I Add | File Folder, all files correctly appear in the Playlist Editor window. If I hit Play, Winamp starts with Track 01 and plays each track successfully, as it should. Assume that I only want to play tracks 1 through 5, after which Winamp stops. I can do so by deleting tracks 6 through 10 in the Playlist Editor. However, is there a way to play only 1 through 5 WITHOUT deleting or cropping 6 through 10? Again, I know I'm being very picky, but if Winamp will do this, it will save some retraining time.
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There are several sleep timers in the plugins section that will let you choose how many songs to play before stopping or quitting.

You can also intervene & right-click the stop button to "stop after current"
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