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Milkdrop 2.25c compile issues

Hi all - not sure how many people still use this forum; seems like lots of new options are out there for music and graphics. Winamp and milkdrop are still my favorite combo for music-ing.

the short version - does anyone have some detailed advice they can offer for compiling the 2.25c source code in Visual Studio (Community 2015) for windows 7 64 bit. I don't really need it to be a 64 bit compile; that's just where I am OS-wise. Or the DirectX11 code would be even better.

I wanted to update my event dispatcher mod of milkdrop. Before, I had it compiling under XP 32 bit. Since then, I am using Windows 7 64bit. Out-of-the box, I couldn't get the source code to compile in Visual Studio (Community 2015). There were tons of deprecation warnings and a few fatal errors - they seemed to be mostly about the older ways of handling "large integers" and bring them to 64 bit - or insure they stayed 32 as needed, and one bad parameter count. Anyway, I made what seemed to be necessary fixes and it compiles - however when I launch the plugin in winamp it crashes before doing anything noticeable. Would love to 'borrow' anyone's vcproj files if they have them for Studio 2015. Also, I downloaded the DirectX11 milkdrop and it runs great in Winamp; it compiles to .lib from the source code but when I compile to .dll something bad happens.

Thanks ahead of time... hello... is there anybody out there?
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