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I've made a 1 exe portable version of MilkDrop with new presets generated on startup!

Hey guys!

I've wrapped something cool called MilkDrop2077+

-100% portable version of MilkDrop
-1 single exe file (only 10mb!)
-Works with any audio input (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Winamp ect...)
-New effects auto-generated on every launch

How it works :
-MilkDrop2077+ is a mix of BeatDrop Music Visualizer and MilkDrop2077
-On startup it will check if the DirectX 9.0 Runtime are installed
-If not found, it will prompt the user for a quick automated setup
-When clicking on the start button, it will create a folder TempDir/2077
-Then extract all the BeatDrop files in
-Then auto-generate 100 presets with random values and effect
-Start BeatDrop in fullscreen mode

download : https://mega.nz/folder/VFFGUJYB#pPNXxLPIstNE6WzqCWCAJg

If anyone knows how MilkDrop / BeatDrop works, I'd like to deactivate all the nCanvasStretch and nTexSize, or I want to know what's the best value to avoid loosing quality.
BeatDrop visuals looks more flatten compare to MilkDrop, any ideas why?
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